I Now Dream In Anything Necessary - Goin' In Very Ellegantly, Real Slow from RV Henretty-Jornales on Vimeo.


Screen Printing Bench

I'm currently in the process of repurposing old screen printing screens left over from a t-shirt company. I initially started out using some of the non-paint-covered ones as an experiment in getting into shou sugi ban before some upcoming larger projects which may end up being incorporated with the theme of a new bistro we'll be breaking ground on in the near future. While sifting through all of the old, broken frames, I became distracted by all of the colors (or maybe all of the soot I sucked down while charring the wood), and I ended up whipping this together.


Replicate : Remember

I’ve started recognizing faces.

When did this start?

I think the first time it happened, I was driving. I passed someone. I saw him again, then, I knew it was him.

According to your chart... Euli, nothing like this is present in the history of your family?

I don’t think so.

How bad, or intense, has it gotten?

I... Bad. I can recognize you, Dr.