North Country Trail

 Recently got back from backpacking a new loop in the Manistee National Forest with my dad. When I was in middle school I went on a few separate occasions but have not been back since. My dad mentioned that the NCT put a new loop on the other side of the river through the forest. We decided to go check it out. The loop is just under 20 miles, we hiked in about 6 miles along the Manistee trail side Thursday afternoon and posted up camp.


Northern Adventures

   Pat and I had the opportunity of visiting Justin Cooper before moving away from Marquette
 a couple months ago. It was great to escape from the daily grind of things and all the responsibilities of life for a few days and just enjoy good company, nature, photography, no schedules or phone service, bicycles, local eateries, random adventures and overall the perfect road trip experience. Thank you Jaci and Justin for having us and look forward to the upcoming adventures also!


Screen Printing Bench

I'm currently in the process of repurposing old screen printing screens left over from a t-shirt company. I initially started out using some of the non-paint-covered ones as an experiment in getting into shou sugi ban before some upcoming larger projects which may end up being incorporated with the theme of a new bistro we'll be breaking ground on in the near future. While sifting through all of the old, broken frames, I became distracted by all of the colors (or maybe all of the soot I sucked down while charring the wood), and I ended up whipping this together.